About Supermom Reality TV Show

The Supermom reality TV show was berthed in 2010. It commanded very large patronage and viewership because it was the first of its kind. It was heavily supported and sponsored by mother brands that see the platform as best to really appreciate our mothers for their love and sacrifice. Hence, we call them “Super Brands”.

Nigerians were encouraged to write a short story on why their mum is the greatest. The stories were sent in via SMS to a special short code. The top 20 stories were selected, a special interview was conducted for the entrants and the mothers while professional movie stars re-enacted the stories in a very emotional drama. Each episode featured two stories and the best story of the week was voted for by the viewers to qualify for the final. The winning story eventually won a brand new house, the first runner up, a brand new car while the second runner up smiled home with a cash prize.

The show was broadcast across Nigeria on our network of syndicated channels that includes 24 TV stations. It was also broadcast on cable channels/network in Nigeria, Africa and Europe. The show was broadcast once weekly for 13 episodes. 1 hour each per episode.

The targets are young men and women within age range 10 – 50 who have a mobile phone, access to the internet and can be located anywhere in Nigeria. Above all, they had a story to tell about their mothers or having being influenced by their mothers.

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How the Show Works

All the entries will be collated and reviewed by a special team. The 20 best and most compelling stories or entries will be selected. The owners of the entries will be contacted and invited for special interviews. All the 20 selected entries will be invited to the studio to tell their stories. They will tell the stories with dates, time, picture etc After that, our production team will visit the mothers to tell the stories in their own way. A special documentary will be recorded to feature the lifestyle of the mothers, their community or business. Finally will will script-write the touching elements of those stories into docudramas. The docudramas however will be performed by top notch actors and actresses. The docudramas will be very emotional and touching


  • A brand new house
  • A brand new car
  • N500,000 Naira

How to Enter

Send a short story to share your experience with the world on why you believe that your mother is the best mom in Nigeria.

Send your short story to 33070

Or Click here to register online

Deadline: 25th June 2011

Website: www.supermom.com.ng

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Lydia Powell · July 19, 2011 at 11:58 pm

You need to do this show in America! I am often called super mom : ) and would love to do such a show

ruth · October 10, 2011 at 3:59 pm

hi i will love to know when the next show will be commence

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