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Do you have a great movie script that you’ve not been able to sell or produce and is just there gathering dust?

Why not partner with in our new mass movie project: “100 Scripts to Film

In this project, we want to create 100 simple, low budget productions comprising of Long and short movies, serials and skits ranging from 5 minutes to 2 hrs in length. The goal is to support upcoming scriptwriters to gain fame and exposure for their work.

We are not offering to buy the scripts. This is a collaboration where you provide the script and we provide the equipment and expertise to turn it into a movie and also the online promotion and distribution of the finished work. If you are looking to sell your script please don’t contact us.

We have Production Equipment (Cameras, sound, light, locations, crew) and we want to partner with upcoming scriptwriters who are looking for a way to get their ideas on video and online.

We have a large online distribution network that can give you a lot of exposure and popularity.
You will get full credits as the scriptwriter and we will promote you on our platforms


  • We will not pay you but will provide the production equipment, expertise and promotion
  • Scripts should be interesting, emotional and dramatic or suspenseful and preferrably follow a 3 act or 7 point structure, or Blake Snyder’s 15 plot points.
  • Short scripts of 30 minutes or less are preferred
  • Serials with episodes 20 minutes or less are okay
  • The Scripts should be your original creation
  • Scripts should be very low budget or cost nothing extra to produce
  • Scripts should have few characters, few props and little or no special effects
  • Scripts should be family friendly meaning no much sexual content, strong language, violence or illegal drugs

NOTE: If you will like to be a part of the production You should be prepared to travel to Benin City (you are responsible for your transport, accommodation and feeding)

See the following links for some tips on how to write the kind of scripts we prefer:


If you are interested in our offer and would wish to partner with us on this 100 Scripts to Film project, please send us the first five pages of your script together with the following via a message on our facebook page here: :

  • Your name:
  • Your phone number:
  • Your location:
  • How long is the script/movie?:
  • How did you hear about this? (Options: a.Email, b.Facebook, c.Nairaland, d.Website e.Other):
  • Summary of your script story:
  • First five pages of your script:

Send us the first five pages of your script together with the above info via a message on our facebook page here: :

NOTE: We are not offering to pay you. Our part of the partnership will be to provide production equipment and handle the production and online promotion while your part will be to provide the script

Martha Alile,
Asst Co-ordinator, 100 Scripts to Film Project

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aderonke eniola Aghimien · November 15, 2017 at 12:05 pm

Awesome!Great oppurtunity for upcoming scripts writer.

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